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Sacred Tree Counseling, PLLC provides therapy services at a sliding fee cost for individuals, children, and adolescents in the Denver Metro area. Services include traditional talk therapy, play therapy, Depth psychotherapy, and expressive modalities to help clients achieve their personal goals in transformation and healing. Get in touch today to begin healing!

According to the Taschen Book of Symbols, trees have long been a metaphor for human growth, potential and change. Taschen writes: "How we long to achieve the growth the tree fosters in itself, the reach and rootage, the way it meets each season, holding its grown, spare or blooming." Trees speak of "endurance, entanglement, and also fixation" and show us "how, from a tiny, bare seed of potential, the self can come into existence." 

The Tree of Life is symbolic in many cultures and spiritual/religious beliefs and often reflects the human capacity for growth, healing, and change. The Tree shows us, as in alchemy, that as what is beneath, so it can be above. Our roots have meaning, strength, safety, and grounding. Our branches have connections, life, possibilities, and nourishment. Even in the hardest of times, we can grow and adapt. 

I have struggled through the adversities on my path and found healing in resiliency, vulnerability, my roots, dreams, and relationships. This human experience is a beautiful thing, but it can be very challenging and sometimes we need support. I believe that we have the strength and power within and are able to tap into these pieces of ourselves to promote healing and transformation.


It takes courage to ask for help. I am happy to speak with you and answer any questions about how we can begin this journey together.

Office Location:

10200 W 44th Ave Ste 136

Wheatridge, CO

ADA Accessible | On-Site Parking | Near 6th Avenue | Near I70 

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Office Hours

Wednesday: 5:00pm to 8:30pm Virtual Only

Thursday: 2:00pm to 8:30pm Virtual & In Person

Friday: 12:00pm to 8:30pm Virtual & In Person


Closed Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

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