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Forms for Clients

The following documents are required to begin the counseling relationship. All clients must complete the following:​

  1. Clinical Contract (Consent to Services)

  2. HIPPA Form

  3. Counseling Services & Rates


If clients are minors (15 years old or younger), consent forms MUST be completed and signed by legal guardian. These forms include the above required forms and the following forms in addition:

  1. Minor Consent Form

  2. Adult Intake

  3. Adolescent Intake

  4. Minor Intake

  5. Release of Information

  6. Adolescent Confidentiality Agreement

  7. Notice of Sacred Tree Counseling, PLLC Policies


Release of Information forms (ROIs) only need to be completed if clients request that I share confidential information.

Forms are available for download by clicking the name of the document. I am also happy to email forms and/or provide them in the first session.

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